Reflections of the Past

Late on an October day in the piney woods of Northern Wisconsin, Milwaukee Road’s Chippewa # 152 clatters the C& NW diamond at Stiles Junction and finally gets a break from the cold rain she’s bucked all the way from Iron Mountain. Directly behind the rebuilt Pacific’s tender is baggage car #1210, who’s dubious career had her first sharing drew bars with the likes of the Olympian Hiawatha and the Southwest Limited before being reassigned to the Chip. Still clad in her original pin stripe paint scheme, this car will soon be repainted with the solid maroon band common in all of the Hi’s. As the sky clears, the proud 4-6-2 catches reflected glimpse of her streamlined frame from the standing water of a run-off pool just south of the depot.

18 x 24 original acrylic painting was completed in 2002.

I hope you enjoy my paintings. If you are interested in purchasing prints, cards or any other items be sure to click on the link and visit my store.

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