Passing Glances

Digging in her heals as she pounds upgrade with a mile long freight in tow, Milwaukee Road S2 # 218 receives a thorough inspection under the discerning eye of the tower operator at Duplaineville Wisconsin in Waukesha County while on the other track, racing eastbound at nearly 90 miles per hour The Morning Hiawatha’s engineer has the whistle cold pulled taught, warning all vehicle traffic at Springdale Road to heed the wig-wag’s warning as he takes the Hi toward Milwaukee and eventually Chicago.

Once the Milwaukee’s work horses clear the diamond, the block signal will turn green for the Soo Line freighter that has been forced to hold tight coming out of Waukesha.

With but mere seconds to take it all in, engineers, tower men and passengers could garner nothing but passing glances of one another as their individual journeys met at this point day after day throughout the golden age of railroading.

18 X 24 original acrylic painting was completed in 1995.

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