Mirrors of Metal

Gleaming as fine as bright tableware, the California Zephyr’s Vista Dome observation car Silver Sky, gives the curtain call to perhaps one of the finest transcontinental passenger trains ever to travel the rails between Chicago and San Francisco. Constructed totally of stainless steel, the Zephyr’s traversed some of the most beautiful countryside boasted by any railroad; splicing the deserts of Nevada and winding through the Rockies of Colorado and California. With 5 out of her 11 cars featuring domes, lucky patrons were assured that there was not a bad seat in the house.

Here, outside of Glenwood Canyon, the Denver & Rio Grande will share it 22% claim (approximately 500 rail miles) of the 2,525 mile route, before turning the Silver Lady over to the Western Pacific at Salt Lake City for the final leg into San Francisco. There the Zephyr will conclude her 49 hour 30 minute journey from Chicago with an on time arrival in the City by the Bay.

Named after the Greek word for “Fast Winds”, the Zephyr’s were in fact at times fast, and others times, slow and gentle but like the wind, were here one minute and seemingly gone the next.

18 x 24 original acrylic painting was completed in 2004.

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